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Why Online Therapy?

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Present Mind Therapy offers services exclusively online, while you are in a convenient, private and comfortable space.

  • Online therapy is convenient. It takes less time away from the office or home. No need to fight traffic or travel miles to meet up with your clinical psychologist. Log into a HIPAA compliant, secure site and the session can happen wherever you are comfortable.

  • Online therapy is very comfortable for many people, especially those with busy schedules, including frequent medical visits. Some people with chronic illnesses or disabilities may not be able to drive or easily able to leave their home. In these situations, online therapy is a helpful means of receiving services.

  • Online therapy helps you avoid stigma. In some small or tight-knit towns, it may be uncomfortable, a conflict of interest, or a dual relationship, to seek the care of the local clinical psychologist.

Present Mind Therapy uses HIPAA compliant, secure software to deliver evidence-based psychotherapy. You will not be asked to download an app onto your device. Instead, a link will be sent to you, securely.  You simply click the link and are connected, securely.

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